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June 20, 2010

Im apparently really bad a writing blogs.

Here are a few pics from Germany

This is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The floor tiles had lights that lit up for each stock.  Although the presentation was long, it was interesting to hear about how the stock exchange worked/ how the building was built.

We also went to the European Central Bank where we learned about the Euro

There was a food festival going on near our hotel, which we went to every day.

Im pretty sure I had bratwurst every day.  Guten Tag!


Bus to Frankfurt

June 17, 2010

Milan was an amazing experience.  From eating pizza at the rooftop of our hotel to walking down the street of Via Montenapoleone, I had a blast getting to know everyone from the program and enjoying our first city.

But now we were on a charter bus driving through Switzerland, on our way to Frankfurt, Germany.  I wish that we could have stayed a few days in Switzerland, not only for their amazing chocolate and my need to buy  Swiss watch in Switzerland, but the landscape was amazing.

What’s interesting about this country is because its in between Germany and Italy, the signs in the Southern part are all in Italy and after you drive through a long tunnel the signs change into German, or Deutsch.

Forum Nexus has a winter program where they go skiing in the Alps, which I might just have go to now.

Jackie and I made a CD for the trip to Frankfurt which consisted of mostly 70s songs that our Professor who we call Georgepedia because he literally knows the origin of everything, gave us a brief history of each of the bands and who the song was written for.

During the eight hour bus ride, we even watched role models and snatched these hats from a Burger King to emulate the king in the movie ha

Time for wienershitznels!

Cinque Terre

June 14, 2010

After exploring the city for a couple days, we decided to take a weekend trip to Cinque Terre, which is a group of five beaches.  I stayed in the night before because of a rough night the day before that where I did not get home till very late (or I guess technically early?), so waking up was not to hard for me.  But it was quite entertaining to see some of the girls struggle to get to the train station.  Hahaha, oh Milan and clubs not closing till 530 a.m.

Here are some pictures of Monterosso

This place was absolutely beautiful.  Walking through the streets, it was interesting to see all the fresh fish and cute stores displaying their products/ good looking cooks.

After climbing a small vineyard near the beach, we headed for lunch at a cute little restaurant.  And apparently Cinque Terre produces there own wine because I had a whole bottle to myself.

Then we headed to the beach where I was quickly wiped out onto the rocks.

The next day we left for Frankfurt!


June 13, 2010

Because of my procrastinating/lack of consistent internet it has been hard to keep up with my trip in Europe.  So I guess I’ll have to start from the beginning.  After waking up at four a.m. and having my friend John drop me off at the airport, I started my long set of four flights to Milan, Italy.

It was all kind of surreal.  It didn’t really sink in that I was finally going to Europe for the first time.  On the plane, I talked to the man next to me who mentioned that he was visiting his daughter who moved back to Italy after studying abroad there.  Now she has a boyfriend named Emilio.  Yeah me too.  I always fall in love in random countries with foreign men named Emilio.  Anyways, he said that I looked like his daughter, so of course he showed me a picture of her to me, and of course, as always I didn’t.

He asked what the name of my program was and when I mentioned it was called Forum Nexus, a girl in the seat in front of me told she was in it too.  She explained to me that she thought there another girl in the program that was in it also.  I felt better knowing I wouldn’t have to roam around the airport alone.

After eight long hours in a plane and zero sleep, I finally landed in Milan and this was the view from the airplane.

Home. Well atleast for five days before we headed to Frankfurt.  I met with a few other people in the program as well as two of our professors before we headed to our hotel. Which ended up having a rooftop patio that was perfect for the people in our program to get to know each other over bottles of wine.

After quickly settling in, we had our first class.  A few metros stops later, we were at our classroom and given a welcome orientation and guest speaker.

Professor Briosky is exactly how I would picture an Italian professor.  Striped suit, bifocal glasses, thick accent, and spit a little when he talked.  He actually reminded me of the little old man that played chess with himself in the beginning of the Toy Story movie.  Or maybe Mr. Bean.

We had class for about three hours, and I was struggling the whole time.  I never knew what jet-lag felt and I was definitely feeling it in class.  Granted, I wasn’t following asleep in class like my friend Jackie was after a night of going out in Barcelona recently, but she seemed to wake up to mention that the Bahamas produced rum.  Thanks Jackie for your input.

Anyways, here is the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral

The Duomo at night

View of the Duomo from the roof

Jackie and I at the roof of the Duomo

I’ll write more soon!

Europe Trip

May 26, 2010

Tomorrow morning I leave for one month in Europe!  I start off in Milan, then go to Struggart, Germany, then to Paris, and last to Barcelona, where I will hopefully make a weekend trip to Ibiza.

I can’t wait to try all the different foods each country has to offer as well as the clothes!  Armani has its own cafe in Milan, weird but interesting.

I’ll try my best to keep post pictures from my trip.

Adios Texas!

Sangria Wine

May 24, 2010

I spent last summer in New York City, where I was able to increase my love for sangria wine.The mix if wine and fruit, with handfuls of vodka or bourbon, makes this drink so refreshing and tasty for summer days of laying out and floating the river.  When I was looking for the perfect recipe, I went onto Food Network and looked at Giada’s recipe, but decided it was not strong enough, especially for college students like my self.  So I simply googled “Strong Sangria Recipe” and this is what I got this  recipe.

Maybe I’ll just have to make it today.  Nothing else to do…. two days till Europe!

Note:  Nothing wrong with adding more cups of wine or vodka to recipe.

Kendra Scott

May 23, 2010

My roommate, same one I was in the library with the other day (granted I have 7 roommates), introduced me to the jewelry designer Kendra Scott.  I have now been on the website for hours on end looking at the different necklaces, earrings, and bracelets she has.

A resident of Austin, Texas (Hook ’em) she started her company in 2002 with the initial investment of $500.  Now she has been featured in magazines such as Instyle and StyleWatch.

Her website is amazing!  You can customize your own jewelry with the color stones she has on her website.  I have played with all the brilliant colors she has to offer.  She recently came out with a bridal line, and those necklaces would make any hideous bridesmaid dress look gorgeous.

Her jewelry starts at the price of  $40 and I might have to buy myself more than one pair of earrings.   I am in love with this necklace (naturally I picked the most expensive piece):
Please e-mail me if you would like to donate to my ” I need this necklace ASAP” fund.